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Conscious production

A lot of love and care goes into crafting our products and wish the process to be a transparent one for you, a conscious shopper.

Welcome to Epic Linen’s manufacturing process, where expertise meets a commitment to sustainability and quality:

natural materials

We carefully select high-quality linen that is sourced locally in Lithuania and is OEKO-TEX® certified, ensuring it is free from any harmful substances and chemicals.

Our linen collection includes various weaves and weights, including gauze linen, lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight options.

The linen fabric that we use goes through a stonewashing process, making it incredibly comfortable and soft from the get-go.

Any non-linen additions are also as natural as possible, just like our natural coconut buttons.


All our home linen and clothing designs are original and designed with a longevity in mind by a team of linen experts. We prioritize comfort and timelessness over fleeting trends. Our linen apparel, bedding, table, and kitchen linen items are meticulously crafted to be durable and long-lasting.

As a business, we strive towards zero waste goals. All materials are cut wisely so that little or none goes to waste. Any leftovers are turned into swatches and smaller products, such as ribbons and hair scrunchies.

Additionally, Epic Linen items are handmade to order, preventing overproduction and dead-stock.


We take pride in our ethical work practices, with a pleasant, spacious work environment and fair wages. The team is our most valuable asset, therefore we provide a safe and inspiring workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Currently, we are a team of 20 people, consisting of a constructor, a designer, a cutter, an ironer, a quality checker, a packer, project managers, customer support specialists, a marketing team and the co-founders. Everyone operates harmoniously towards our shared goals.


All Epic Linen products are handmade, sustainably packaged, and distributed from within our green factory to minimize CO2 emissions and maintain full control over the entire process.

Eco-friendly packaging

When it comes to packaging, we want you to receive the items safely but once it's in your hands feel like you're unwrapping a beautiful present.

All while prioritizing sustainability in this last step also.
Plastic is avoided, and every tag and infographic is printed on recycled paper. Our products are elegantly wrapped in kraft paper and secured with raw, natural linen rope.

At Epic Linen, our attention to detail is paramount. Every step is carefully considered, resulting in products of exceptional quality and longevity. Our timeless clothing and homeware are designed to serve you for years.

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