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A warm welcome from Epic Linen

A Family Trade

Welcome to Epic Linen, where the artistry of linen meets the warmth of family tradition.

Founded and nurtured by spouses Ieva and Mindaugas, our brand is a celebration of generations past, a story that began with our grandparents Janina and Petras, master tailors specializing in linen textiles in the mid-20th century.

As fourth-generation linen textile industry experts, we've channeled our shared passion for craft and design into creating something epic for the generations present and future. We craft linen apparel and home decor collections with a focus on timeless simplicity and long-lasting functionality, prioritising designs that blend traditional aesthetics with modern touches. All from 100% natural organic linen.

Lithuania has a longstanding tradition of producing high-quality linen. We carefully select our fabrics from the local oldest manufacturers where Oeko-Tex certified linens are produced, naturally and ecologically.

Nestled in the northern coastal town of Klaipeda, our design house and sewing studio are the heart of Epic Linen. Here, every piece is designed, cut and sewn by hand, following the wisdom passed down by our grandparents. We hold true to their belief that none of the machines can replace the warmth and heart that master artisans infuse into each linen garment.

Our ancestors believed that garments made with love, warmth, and great attention would stand the test of time and bring infinite joy to those who wear them. We wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy, continuing the mission they began. Epic Linen products are a testament to the endless effort and love invested in every stitch.


In ancient times people lived closer to nature

Lithuanians saw the world around them filled with gods, spirits, and mystical creatures.

They took nature's gifts with respect and gratitude, and even daily house tasks had rituals.

Each family made bedding and clothing on their own, from start to finish. Families worked the fields, planted and harvested flax - a tedious process requiring a lot a manual labour.

Evenings were spent in the candle light, spinning linen threads, singing and sharing stories.

A lot of effort was put in weaving linen fabric and sewing clothing from it.

Locals believed that the energy, positive emotions, and dreams woven into linen garments and household items during the creative process are passed onto those who use them.

To this day, we infuse our linen creations with this ancient wisdom, connecting the past with the present and the future.

Join us on this journey, where tradition meets modern living, and linen becomes a vessel for stories, emotions, and everlasting beauty.

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Epic Linen Wholesale

Let's bring your creative vision to life! We are ready and willing to collaborate with you on products of your design, color, and pattern, using our premium, 100% European linen fabric that blends contemporary aesthetics with time-tested quality.

Explore our wholesale options tailored for partners seeking larger quantities.

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