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Article: How linen bedding will improve your life

How linen bedding will improve your life

You may have heard people praise linen bedding, proclaiming that once you try linen sheets, you’re not going back to anything else. 
You most likely have seen photos of stylish bedrooms boasting a linen covered bed in lifestyle magazines, on Instagram feeds, and Pinterest boards.

Linen is loved by many. 
Sleeping in linen has made a tangible difference in people’s lives. 
If you’ve been wondering why linen bedding is so highly praised, we’ve put together a list of its key features below. So that you can easily make an educated choice the next time you’re investing in a new bedding set for a loved one or yourself.

Long lasting
Linen material as a whole is strong and durable. With proper yet simple care your linen will last a lifetime, and will even get better with age. Linen is woven from notoriously tough flax fibres, consisting of many cells packed together (as opposed to cotton’s single-celled strands), therefore linen is known to stay in great condition for much longer.

Unmatched comfort 
The feeling of getting into bed and wrapping yourself in fresh natural linen sheets is magic that everyone should experience. Some might think that linen is a hard material that’s not comfortable enough to sleep in, but it’s simply not the case with our linen. At Epic Linen we only use premium quality stonewashed linen, therefore it’s soothingly soft and incredibly comfortable.   

Good for the skin 
Not only are linen sheets heavenly comforting to crawl into, they’re also beneficial for your skin. Linen helps the skin to retain its natural pH balance. The surface of linen fabric also has a nice massaging effect on your skin due to the microscopic breaks throughout. So you get to look after your skin as you sleep!

Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties 
Linen is naturally bacteria-resistant. The anti-static properties of linen help it to resist dust, making it a popular choice among allergy sufferers and also an ideal option for children and babies.

Absorbent and breathable
Linen can hold up to 20% of its weight in moisture before even feeling damp. It allows more airflow and is therefore less likely to cling to the skin. Which makes it the ideal material for uninterrupted deep sleep.


Great all year round 
Linen has temperature-regulating qualities. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It truly is a trans-seasonal bedding solution. 

Relaxed, yet refined, aesthetic 
Thanks to its natural fibers, linen has a way of effortlessly finishing a space. It creases and wrinkles, and that's all part of the aesthetic - it fits seamlessly into your space, creating a sense of fuss-free elegance.


Sustainable choice 
When you choose linen, you choose sustainability. The flax plant is resilient and needs very little irrigation, unlike cotton, which can require high volumes of water. Virtually all parts of the flax plant are used in the harvesting process, leaving no footprint. And being made from 100% natural fibers, it's also biodegradable. 

Sure, linen bedding can feel like quite a big investment at first. But in reality, it costs less to buy a good quality linen bedding set that will last decades than having to continuously purchase new cheaper bed sets every couple of years. And with linen, you’re prioritising your health, whilst also keeping your bedroom design looking stunning.

Another important thing - make sure the linen that you’re investing in is good quality and not a blend with another fiber. Some cheaper sets could be mixed with synthetic materials or cotton.

Here, at Epic Linen, we only use premium quality 100% natural linen that is fully produced in Europe and is Oeko-Tex certified. Each product is handmade by one tailor from the beginning till the very end, followed by a careful check by our quality control specialist. You can rest easy knowing that your new bedding received special attention from the very beginning of its life.

There’s more that could be said about linen bedding, but we hope that this gives you enough information before your next purchase. 

And sure, we’re biased, but we can wholeheartedly say that resting in linen truly has the potential to improve your sleep quality and help you wake up feeling refreshed, regenerated, and feeling your best!

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